Frankfurt 2015: Toyota unleashes near-production C-HR concept


Frankfurt 2015: Toyota unleashes near-production C-HR concept

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Remember the C-HR design study from last year’s Paris Auto Show? Toyota yesterday presented a new version that could potentially rival the Nissan JUKE, according to a few sources. 

The Toyota C-HR concept on display at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show marks a step closer to production, going from three to five doors. Also, the roof colour scheme has been changed from a two-tone (blue and black) to a uniform glossy black finish. 

This vehicle makes use of the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), an integrated development program for vehicle platforms and powertrain components which will enable Toyota to create vehicles with improved chassis rigidity, handling stability, and comfort. Engineers want to further improve fuel efficiency by making the concept’s hybrid system lighter and more compact. 

If all goes according to plan, Toyota will reveal the production model in Geneva next March.


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