Toyota RAV4 to be assembled in a 2nd canadian plant


Toyota RAV4 to be assembled in a 2nd canadian plant

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With the popularity of the Toyota RAV4 growing at a continuing pace, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) has decided to expand production of the SUV to a second Canadian plant. Currently assembled at Toyota’s Woodstock plant, the RAV4 will be produced at the Cambridge North facility beginning in 2019. The RAV4 hybrid will be built there as well.

Large-scale investments are planned for upgrading the Cambridge North plant, as the installation of new production equipment and new manufacturing processes will be required for it to handle the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

According to Jim Lentz, Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Motor North America, “the RAV4 and the RAV4 hybrid are great products for TMMC. RAV4 is a leader in the fastest growing segment of the North American auto industry. We forecast that the segment will continue to demonstrate strong growth with the RAV4 being a major player.” Mr. Lentz added that “producing additional RAV4s, a more upscale, more complex, higher content vehicle, fits well with TMMC’s well-earned reputation for quality.”


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