Toyota Teases Us Again FT-1 Sports Car concept stuns


Toyota Teases Us Again FT-1 Sports Car concept stuns

When we first caught a glimpse of the FT-1 concept in January at the North American International Auto Show, the automotive world collectively nodded their heads in approval and agreed that if this was to be the mascot for future Toyota designs, then they were definitely following the right racing line.

But don’t get too excited, this latest FT-1 concept, in a striking graphite colour, is as virtual as the first and will make its debut to the public in September as a limited-time download for Gran Turismo 6. In addition to this brand new FT-1 concept in GT6, in celebration of the virtual game’s 15th anniversary, Calty Design Research (responsible for the FT-1) has released an FT-1 “Vision GT” high-performance, high-powered version that simulates how a full-race-spec FT-1 might be.

Heavily influenced by Toyota’s long sports car tradition, the FT-1 might only be on the small screen right now, but its design language is promising for Toyota’s of the future.

Source : Toyota

Toyota FT-1 prototype
Photo: Toyota

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